While the US vaccinates all infants for Hep-B on their day of birth, Denmark waits until 3 months old to start vaccinating. The Hep-B vaccine is not on their recommended vaccines list.

At 3 months, Denmark vaccinates for for DTaP, Hib, polio and PCV: six diseases at once. Their vaccination program is voluntary.

By age 12 months in Denmark, a fully vaccinated child will receive 18 doses of vaccines for 6 diseases.

By age 12 months in the US, a fully vaccinated child will receive 42 doses of vaccines for 16 diseases.

As Dr. Laukien pointed out, “the incidence of autism is vastly different by more than a factor of 2.5 in different, but otherwise similarly developed countries with different patterns of antibiotic use and different vaccination regimes.”

More & earlier vaccines = more autism.

Fewer & later vaccines = less autism.

So here lies the horrible hidden secret of vaccination: different countries do it differently and get vastly different results in terms of chronic disease, disabling injuries, and autism. And worse: there is no scientific justification for the CDC’s 2024 childhood vaccine schedule demanding 42 doses for 16 diseases by age 12 months.

Here’s the list of vaccines that Denmark doesn’t consider important enough to include:

It’s SO worth studying what other countries are doing and not doing. It renders decision-making easier for these vaccines knowing that some European countries don’t bother with them. If they don’t, why should you?

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that Denmark is doing it right. I am saying they are doing it smarter than we are, but I’m not crazy about six-at-once, nor some of the vaccines on their full schedule (such as HPV).

But the difference is JUST SO BIG that every parent should know the details AND share it with their pediatrician.

Start by asking your doctor if other countries vaccinate in the same way that we do. See how he answers. Does he lie and say yes instead of saying “I don’t know”?

What does your pediatrician think about Dr. Laukien’s concerns? If she dismisses them, on what grounds? Reference his credentials and challenge your doctor: so why do you think that you know more than this super-smart, pro-vaccine, leading scientist, entrepreneur and CEO worth $2 billion and doing cutting edge research in cancer evolution? 

Seize the moment!


p.s. — does Denmark know something we don’t? Or are they just more cautious?