The concept of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) is one of the most harmful ideas of the past 50 years. Why so? Because it traps you into lazy, wishful thinking…

The AAFP defines the PCP as “a specialist in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics who provides definitive care to the undifferentiated patient at the point of first contact, and takes continuing responsibility for providing the patient’s comprehensive care. [emphasis by VaxCalc] This care may include chronic, preventive and acute care in both inpatient and outpatient settings.”

Imagine a few of the most successful people whom you admire.

Can you also imagine them consulting with just one person for all their health concerns?

Or just one person for all their business, political or personal concerns?

Can you remotely imagine them giving one person “continuing responsibility” for what is most important to them?

Nope. Me neither.

The worst thing you can do is to allow somebody else to have “continuing responsibility” for your health. Or your finances. Or your wealth. Or your education. Or your kids. Or your career. Or your….. anything that you care about.

Successful people do not do this!

What they do is to develop a group of formal and informal advisors.

For example, great athletes have coaches, trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists. Abraham Lincoln had his Team of Rivals. The legendary King Arthur had his roundtable.

The reason for a round table is to keep everybody (including you!) on equal footing and status.

Toss away and forget “doctor knows best.” Treat the “doctor’s orders” as a suggestion. To get to the truth and the best approach for you, you need to hear different opinions coming from radically different perspectives.

Diversity in thought, training and experience provides for the best medical advice

There is no better way to defeat corruption-driven censorship of health information than to keep at least one foot outside of the mainstream medical system. (You might also want to join and participate in the VaxCalc Forum).

Your healthcare roundtable should include professionals with some of the following attributes:

Most pediatricians today demand full vaccination, and most Ob/gyns push vaccination on their pregnant patients. In fact, you might be stuck with one of these non-thinking types right now. This is much less of a problem when you start building your healthcare roundtable.

Without a healthcare roundtable, your only medical advice might come from somebody who is acting as a mouthpiece for the CDC’s vaccination goals.

Once you find a healthcare professional that you are pleased to have on your roundtable, she will often lead you to others of excellent quality.